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Address: Tianqiao Development Zone, Linquan Country, Anhui
About Us

Anhui Province Dejitang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a share holding enterprise integrated R&D, production and sale as a whole . We mainly produce over 30 kinds of products like medical apparatus series(far infrared plaster series ),pain relief patches, back pain patch,menstrual relief patch,

infusion paste,first band aid,self-heating patch,foot care cream, anti febrile device,fever cooling patch, corn removal plaster, anti-diarrhea patch, anti-cough patch and so on,which are popular not only at home,but also in Cambodia , Korea, Vietnam, Singapore,Russia and so on. Following development of Chinese medicine technology ,our company constantly reforms and renovates, strictly implements the manufacturing process and scientific recipe.meanwhile,carries forward corporate spirit of “unity, exploitation, reality, high efficiency”, and the development idea of “being practical and realistic,stable increase”. We committed to establish a model for the industry, build up our own brand.Under all staffs’ efforts,our company has become a modern-scale enterprises which has four professional production lines plaster workshops.

The company holds powerful technical force and various scientific and technical personnel with senior and medium titles as well as advanced equipment,rigid process management, perfect monitoring means, furthermore, it earnestly carries out the standards of ISO9001 system,all products are produced in line with national relevant standards. Under business philosophy of “human-based,moral first ,prospering business in harmony,creating a win-win situation”,and the working principles of “doing better than others”,we always produces excellent products.We adhere to serving society and bringing benefit to people,and make due contribution to the development of China’s medical cause.

Basic Information
Company Anhui Province Dejitang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Established 2003 Year
Business Type Manufacturer
Primary services Pain Relief Patch, Capsicum Plaster,tiger Plaster, Corn Plaster,fever Cooling Patch
More products Menstrual Relief Patch, Detox Foot Patch, Anti-cough Patch, Breathe Right Nasal Strips, Self-heating Patch
Brand Haobloc
Address Tianqiao Development Zone, Linquan County.
Trade & Market
Main Market The globe
Key customers Medtronic, Johnson and Johnson, Thermo Fisher, huiji, OMRON, medical support
Nearest port for product export shanghai, shenzhen
Delivery clauses under the trade mode FOB, EXW, Express Delivery
Acceptable currency of payment CNY , U.S. dollar
Acceptable payment methods T/T, Credit Card, PayPal, Westem Union, Cash, Escrow
Language ability 简体中文, English
Whether any overseas office is available No
Export mode Export through agents
Business turnover USD 10 - 12 million per year
Import volume Below USD 100 thousand per year
export volume USD 1.2 - 3 million per year
Number of foreign trade department employees 11-20
Number of researchers 21-30 people
Number of quality inspectors 50 or more
Number of all the employees 100 - 500
Factory Information
Company Anhui Province Dejitang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Established 2003 Year
Business Type Manufacturer
Name:Bella Phone:86-0663-15219381818 E-mail:bella@jygxt.com
Fax:86-0663-15219381818 Website:www.haobloc.com Address:Tianqiao Development Zone, Linquan Country, Anhui
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