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What is the definition of the plaster ?

What is the definition of the plaster ?

Update Time:2018-04-25
Q: What is the definition of the plaster ?
A: An external preparation made from medicinal materials, edible vegetable oil and red Dan is spread on the backing material. Applied disciplines: Chinese medicine (first level discipline); prescriptions (secondary disciplines); dosage forms and Decocting Methods (tertiary subjects).
A kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which is called thin paste, is used as a colloidal substance with vegetable oil or animal oil. It is coated on the side of cloth, paper or skin. It can be attached to the affected area for a long time, mainly for the treatment of sores, swelling and pain. As early as in the remote ages, Chinese medical experts have said: "plaster can cure diseases, no special decoction, and it can be used properly. "Now the plaster is very broad, and all products that are made into paste through the outside of the body and through the skin are called plasters.

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