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What is the application of plaster ?

What is the application of plaster ?

Update Time:2020-01-13
Q: What is the application of plaster ?

A:First, before using the plaster, the patient should read the instructions carefully to understand the composition of the plaster, the scope of application, the contraindication, the precautions, the warning and the hint. The lesion should be identified before sticking the plaster, so that the plaster center can be attached to the lesion center. Wash the skin of the affected part or the acupoint with a hot towel before drying. If there is longer hair in the affected area, it is necessary to shave it first, so as not to affect the sticking fastness of the plaster, or to make the hair pulled and painful when changing the plaster.

When the weather is cold in winter, the rubber plaster is often not easy to paste, and then paste the plaster and then apply it with hot water bag in order to stick firmly and increase the effect of treatment. If the black plaster is used, the plaster should be put on the alcohol lamp, the candle or the lighter of the lighter, and then the paste after the baking will be put on the affected area when the skin is not scalded. Be careful not to overheat, so as not to scald the skin or make the plaster spill. Notice that the plaster can not be baked on the gas stove, because the harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and so on, will be absorbed by the plaster when the gas is burning, and then enter the body through the skin and harm the health.

If the plaster is attached to the skin after 10 minutes, it is necessary to stop the application immediately when the skin is itchy, burning and pricking, which indicates that the patient is allergic to the plaster and should be treated with anti allergy. Notice that the plaster is smooth and no wrinkle when sticking. Sticking plaster on active joints should be fixed by tape. In general, a dose of plaster should not exceed 24 hours at most. It will not only lose efficacy, but also increase skin irritation.

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