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What is the principle of plaster ?

What is the principle of plaster ?

Update Time:2020-01-30

Q: What is the principle of plaster ?

A: It is well known that rheumatic bone disease is a cold disease, which is caused by stagnation of blood and blood stasis, wind chills and wet gas invading the body. "Cold bone, pain cone heart" is the personal feeling of many patients with rheumatic bone disease. The treatment of winter disease is a major feature of traditional Chinese medicine therapy in China. Treatment of diseases caused by cold and rheumatism. Because of the hot summer, the human body's Yang Qi has also reached the highest point in the four seasons. Using the natural high temperature and the abundant Yang Qi in the body can dispel the cold, dispel the obstinate and adjust the balance of yin and Yang, not only can prevent the recurrence of the old disease, but also reserve the Yang Qi for the autumn and winter, so that the human body is not injured by the cold. The treatment of rheumatic bone disease is especially effective in the summer, when the skin is open and the pore diastolic, the drug is easily penetrated into the acupoint meridians by the skin and through the meridians and blood to reach the disease.

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