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How long is the plaster for an expert to explain to you

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How long is the plaster for an expert to explain to you

Issue Time:2018-04-24
Friends who have had a cold medicine know that the frequency of the common cold medicine is three times a day, but do you know why there is a gap in the middle and should be taken early and late?
Because of the absorption of drugs, the need for a cycle, two hours after the general medication, the efficacy reaches the peak state, and then slow down, to complete absorption and excretion of about four hours, so the interval of four hours is the most safe!
In fact, sticking plaster also has the best cycle.
Best time to apply: 8-12 hours
Many friends are thinking about sticking more time when they plaster, so that they can absorb more drugs into the body.
In fact, Haobloc Pain Relief Patch, we recommend the application time is 8-12 hours.
What is the basis for it?
The expert tells you:
Human metabolism
As we all know, the skin metabolic cycle is 21 days, the best condition for the human body is to maintain the 21 skin metabolic cycle of the skin.
Some of the substances in the plaster can promote the growth of the cells, promote the metabolism of the human body, and make the nervous and oppressed muscle nerve be effectively relieved. By this way, the pain of the cervical spine is relieved and the therapeutic effect of the cervical vertebra is relieved.
After testing, apply for 8-12 hours, the skin has absorbed the effective component of the plaster, if the delay does not tear off, it will aggravate the burden of the skin, obstruct the permeability of the pores, block the excretion of sweat, and affect the normal metabolism of the skin.
Blood circulation
Haobloc Pain Relief Patch, transdermal drug. One way is that the drug enters the active epidermis through the cuticle layer, diffuses the dermal to be absorbed into the body circulation by the capillary, without the "first effect" of the liver, is not destroyed by the digestive juice of the gastrointestinal tract, and reduces the toxicity and adverse reaction of the drug.
In addition, it can provide a long time to maintain a stable and persistent concentration of blood and improve the efficacy of the drug, which is about 8-12 hours, which means that after 12 hours, the concentration of blood will be greatly reduced and the effect will be greatly reduced.
Human absorption
Haobloc Pain Relief Patch, transdermal drug. Secondly, drugs are absorbed through the adnexa of hair follicle, sebaceous glands and sweat glands, so as to achieve the effect of local or systemic administration.
However, the absorption of drugs through appendages is influenced by species, age, location, skin condition, skin temperature, metabolism and skin binding.
From this perspective, 8-12 hours is the best time to apply.
Therefore, 8-12 hours is the best time to apply plaster, and the interval is 12 hours.
Haobloc Pain Relief Patch, according to the time application effect is better! Swelling and pain relief, blood circulation, tendon repair bone, so that pain no escape.

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